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& the attention just encourages her

Bellatrix Black
7 November
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The eldest Black sister.
About Amanda.

Name: Amanda
LJ username: of_paper_hearts
Age: 16
E-mail address: mannyd313@aol.com
MSN contact: amandaoftheville@hotmail.com
Role-playing experience (not required, but if any, links please): none
How often are you online (daily, every other day, weekly)?: daily.
About Bella.

Name: Bellatrix Black
Possible journal name for this character: pick_your_poison
Date of birth: October 7th 1960
House: Obviously, Slytherin
Blood Status (Pureblood, Half-blood, Muggle-born, etc): Pureblood
Physical description: Long raven colored hair, striking facial features including high cheek bones & a prominent but fitting nose, tall, & thin.
Her Personality.

First impression (others have of you): Bitchy, arrogant, cold, manipulative, but they underestimate me *smirk*
General personality traits: Ambitious, secretive, boistrous, cunning, calculating, pompus
Likes: Slytherins, winning, getting my way, & firewhiskey
Dislikes: Blood traitors, Sirius, all Gryffindors, goodie-good Hufflepuffs (although, they do make great minions if you can convince them you're 'doing the right thing')
Extracurricular Activities: eating death, hexing people, complicating things, laying the foundations for the perfect Slytherin life (you know, a huge mansion with a green picket fence & the dark mark on each arm in the family), hexing Gryffindors, & sabatoging is always fun
Personal Weakness(es): Hahaa, I have no weeknesses
Personal Strength(s): Manipulative, calculating, strong, excels at hexes of all sorts (I must say, I'm best at the particularly painful hexes)
Close Friendships: Rodolphus, Lucius, Narcissa, Regulus
Truth or Dare?: Dare
Share a secret: The first time I got drunk, one of the older Slytherin boys convinced me to make out with a muggleborn. (I was very drunk.) I got sick. Violently.
Family History.

Parents: Drusella Rosier & Cygnus Black
Siblings: Narcissa & Andromeda
Tell us, in a paragraph, what it was like growing up with your family:
My father was harsh on us, but he taught us the evils of the muggle world, something some in our family just couldn't grasp. Normally, it was us three girls in the black manor. We would learn the pureblood rules by day & sneek out to explore the woods on our property by night. Summers were always spent with mother's family in south france where it was warm and we had an entire castle to ourselves (retarded muggles never notice anything). Then we would go to our cousin's house for a month or so, so our mothers could catch up on the latest gossip. There we would play with Regulus & Sirius. Sirius will never admit it, but he played pretend Death Eater meetings with us all the time. There were always shady things going on with our parents but it only heightened our fascination with the Dark Arts.
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